Exploring the formidable life of musicians in popular music

Have you ever asked yourself how musicians prepare before stepping on stage. What they do in the afternoon, the hour, or 5 minutes before a show? Do they rest? Do they prepare physically, technically, mentally? And if so, do all musicians prepare the same way?

Author Jean-Michel Unglas studied popular music at Goldsmiths University in London. He has been playing guitar for 30 years, playing in many different genres such as Thrash Metal, Prog Rock, Pop, Experimental, and free improvisation. Sparked by a story about the American metal band Slipknot, he has been interviewing bands to collect an unparalleled first-hand view of their formidable lives. This has now been published as “Huffing the Crow” and will be presented buy Jean-Michel at Secret Kingdoms on January 19th.

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