Emmeline Pankhurst believed that everyone should have the  same rights. A world where men have so much power, and women so little, is not, in her eyes, acceptable.

The right to vote had to be fought for. One group who did just that were the suffragettes, led in the UK, by the indomitable Emmeline and her three daughters.

There were other women’s suffragette movements, but what makes these suffragettes more famous was the group’s militancy, which included bombs and hunger strikes, and the Pankhurst family’s somewhat dysfunctional family.

Angela Hill has been studying Emmeline´s extraordinary story, and has just had this new biography of her published.

Angela is an honors graduate in History and Social Anthropology from Stirling University and lives and works in Madrid. She will be reading from her new book, and discussing how the DELTA readers support learning English & more. Drinks and snacks will be served. Whilst the event is free, places are limited. Please reserve , and if you cannot make it, un-reserve!