The Secret kingdom


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Innovate works of art enliven the walls of Secret Kingdoms, and we can put you in the picture!

Our Artist in residence is Juan Sixto Lopez. His unique vision of art and photography combines the glories of Spain’s past with the vibrancy of its present in new and exciting ways.

His Spain focused work is available in Secret Kingdoms framed and unframed, signed and unsigned. It also brings a special Secret Kingdoms character to our range of notepads.

He can also put you in the picture, you can arrange a photographic session with, and one of the great works of art of Spain´s past will take on a new meaning, because it will be about you!

More of Juans art can be found at EL ARTE DIGITAL (MI VISIÓN) – Juan Sixto López Gutiérrez (

We also hope to feature other local artists on the walls of Secret Kingdoms, starting with renowned graphic novel artist Lance Tooks.


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