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Brought up on a diet of Blyton and Biggles

David graduated to science-fiction, fantasy and Watership Down before deciding to open a book-store aged 17. It has only taken 34 years to make it happen. These days David mostly reads history, historical fiction, and mid-20th century thrillers.


Beatriz´s deep-rooted love of Spanish literature shines through

Whether it’s the 19th Century Madrid of Galdos, or Bernal Diaz conquering New Spain, Beatriz brings patriotic Spanish fire to our collection. She is also a fan of detective noire.


Giedre is an avid reader and lover of all things literature and writing

Cofounder of a literary non-profit The Write Salon, book club convenor, Giedre also somehow finds time to help craft a range of literary merchandise (also on sale at Secret Kingdoms) and to work part time in the store.


A highly respected artist, author El arte digital (mi visión)

Has a unique vision that brings together art from the past and the latest photographic techniques. He can also put you in the picture. His art is available in store.


Published author Felicity has brought Madrid´s past to life

Her blog, The Making of Madrid – From medieval medina to modern metropolis and her regular guided tours, are ever more popular. Some of her tours end at Secret Kingdoms. She is also crafting a guide to Madrid’s Literary Quarter, which will be the first book from the Secret Kingdoms stable…

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