Explore the superficialities of sexual & political shenanigans

It’s a Crewel World – What is it about high-octane banker Jules that easy-going, embroidery-loving Jake can’t put his finger on? Ricocheting between London and New York, the two young men become key players in a property development on the Spanish coast.

But when the tycoon behind the deal gets the hots for Jake, they’re caught in a race against time to stave off mayhem. And they discover that when you’re in and out of the closet, you’re bound to run into skeletons….

Author Tree Elven is a British-born writer who’s spent most of her adult life in Madrid, Spain. Alongside her day jobs in journalism, she writes fiction, usually profoundly superficial. The novels tend to revolve around sexual / political shenanigans – lots of farce and romping. Fun but not facile. Jennie Carey’s illustrations are a perfect match! “Tree`s magnificent description of the troupe inspired my imagination” The evening will consist of a “chat show” type conversation about the book, including readings, a Q&A and a book-signing. Drinks and snacks will be served. Whilst the event is free, places are limited. Please reserve