A convivial, bi-lingual, evening of poetry with Danial Andrew Danish

Poet DANIAL ANDREW DANISH will be with us from Faisalabad, reading his poems in English, and his publisher Rafael Peñas Cruz will be reading them in Spanish. These poems are a fusion of the poetical and the lyrical that reflect the Punjab poetic tradition. There will then be a discussion of his Poetry and about Spain as a meeting point between East and West.

Danial Andrew Danish is a Pakistani poet and advocate for children’s rights. Born on August 15, 1992, he holds master’s degrees in English and applied linguistics. Crimson Pashmina is his first published collection of poetry. Through Danial’s voice, this bilingual edition of his poems wishes to give a glimpse of some aspects of Pakistan as experienced by one of its young citizens. Whilst the event is free, places are limited