An evening discussing Modern Spain from 1898, and if “Spain is different”

Nigel Townson is a Historian, Hispanist, editor and journalist, and teaches at the Complutense University of Madrid.

He joins us as the paperback edition of his History of Modern Spain is launched.

Townson starts with the 1898 disaster, when Spain lost the last of her colonies in the Spanish-American war, takes us through the Second Republic and Civil War, the Franco regime, and the not-so-peaceful transition to democracy today. He examines the truth, or otherwise of the Francoist slogan “Spain is different”.. Is it?  The evening will take the form of an author interview, including readings and the chance to ask questions. This will be followed by book signing and drinks and snacks will be served. Whilst the event is free, places are limited. Please reserve and if you cannot make it, un-reserve so someone else can.