Join Louisa Burford at the Secret Kingdoms – make learning Spanish fast, fun, and much easier

Louisa Burford presents her new book “Heartful Spanish”, written from the heart for Spanish learners who are seeking an easier way to fluency. Forget boring, frustrating language drills and wake up your heart’s inner yearning to speak beautiful español. All it takes is a little bit of espiritualidad (spirituality), un poquito de diversión (a tiny bit of fun), and a pizca (pinch) of autoayuda (that’s self-help). Come along to find out more!

Louisa Burford is a freelance psychology translator, host of The Heartful Spanish Podcast, and writer of language resources. A sensitive soul, with a passion for self-help, positive psychology, and spirituality, Louisa is a multilingual Brit who has called Spain home for over twenty years. She is on a mission to share her love of languages and help people see that there is a faster, easier way to fluency. You can find out more by visiting her website

The evening will start with a chat with readings, followed by a Q&A and book-signing and refreshments. Whilst the event is free, places are limited. Please reserve here, and if you cannot make it, please cancel your reservation so someone else can.